About the Project

This project initially started as a podcast, where Sanjna wanted to interview women who are involved in the fields of law and activism. The motivation behind this was twofold; for one, though she is passionate about raising awareness for women's issues, she also finds that there are few spaces for highlighting the accomplishments of incredibly strong and capable women who are working to make the world they live in, a better one. It's why she wanted to create a forum that recognizes those accomplishments, and those stories. The second, related reason for highlighting these women, is that it hopefully serves as a source of inspiration for others who are interested in pursuing careers in law or activism. Though the podcast is still a central component of this project, it is now expanding to feature women and their causes in ways that extend beyond the podcast format, through articles, interviews and visual media. 

About the Team

Hi, I'm Sanjna! I'm studying Global Health and Peace, Conflict and Justice studies at the University of Toronto. I'm most passionate about climate change advocacy, and how the most marginalized groups within a population access justice, either within state-based legal systems, or through other means. 

It's a small team as of now, but we would love to have other people to collaborate with and hopefully grow this project with! If that sounds like it would be something you would be interested in, feel free to contact us at: wa4change@gmail.com

Hi! My name is Benya Sutyanyong and I'm a second year graphic design student under York/Sheridan Design. I'm currently working to diversify my skills to include areas like UX/UI, branding, and illustration. In the future, I hope to take on more projects which challenge me to represent experiences in visual and/or tangible form. Please feel free to contact me at benya.can@gmail.com

Hi, i’m Sana! I’m currently pursuing a double major in International Relations and History with a minor in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. I am most interested in learning about the role of women in conflicts and revolutions, and how they are often both victims of horrific crimes and pioneers of justice. Contact me via email: sanarizvi99@gmail.com

Hey y'all! My name is Hannah! I am a second-year student studying Ethics, Society, Law and Human Geography at the University of Toronto. I am extremely interested in how infrastructure is designed to include and exclude, as well as ways to ensure the fair treatment of migrant and marginalized peoples. Feel free to contact me at Hannah.turcotte@mail.utoronto.ca!

Hi! I am Sophia! I am currently double majoring in international relations and economics at the University of Toronto. I am most interested in breaking glass ceilings for women both in workplaces and society as a whole, through means of advocacy, legal or otherwise. I deeply believe that it is our generation's responsibility to share more stories about women's leadership and how they derive their inspiration, motivation, and persistence. Please feel free contact me via email baixuemeng0712@gmail.com.

More Questions? 

Check out our report for 2019 here:

Contact us at: wa4change@gmail.com

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