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Women Advocating for Change

About the Project

This project originated with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Her decision to come forward was a significant one, because in doing so, she openly challenged the idea that power, status and wealth can shield perpetrators of sexual assault. In doing so, she encouraged others to come forward with their experiences as well. She should certainly be recognized for this. And yet, "Her name, even in the best circumstances, will forever be associated with the darkest moment of her life" (Edwards, "How Christine Blasey Ford's Testimony Changed America). We seem to remember and commend women in relation to their trauma. We forget that though women are subject to discrimination and injustice, they are not wholly defined by these experiences. They actively resist, persist, and try to create change. This space -- this podcast, these articles -- are a way to recognize some of these accomplishments, and foster an understanding of different movements and ways of seeing and being in this world.

Sanjna does most of the interviewing

Sanjna Ullal

Hi, I'm Sanjna! I'm studying Global Health and Peace, Conflict and Justice studies at the University of Toronto. I'm most passionate about climate change advocacy, and how marginalized groups within a population access justice, either within state-based legal systems, or through other means. I'm particularly interested in the experiences of dalit women, especially as they migrate to urban spaces.


If you're interested in collaborating, or helping to grow this project, feel free to send me an email at:

Women Advocating for Change

Benya  did most of the design

Hi! My name is Benya Sutyanyong and I'm a second year graphic design student under York/Sheridan Design. I'm currently working to diversify my skills to include areas like UX/UI, branding, and illustration. In the future, I hope to take on more projects which challenge me to represent experiences in visual and/or tangible form. Please feel free to contact me at

More Questions? 

Check out our report for 2019 here:

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